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I’ve been coming to Dr. B for almost 10 years. She’s so knowledgeable, caring, and fun too. -Sean

I love coming here to Dr. Beckford. I’ve been coming here since 1999. Dr. Beckford has been like a mom or a sister to me. Can’t get enough of Dr. Beckford. -Alecia

Wonderful, caring doctor. She not only cares about her patients, but her staff too. -Soni

The absolute best dentist! My son has been coming here ever since he needed a dentist. She has been very caring, knowledgeable, and informative in his “teeth career!” Love Dr. Beckford! -Quala, Bryce, and son

As a family we have enjoyed coming to Dr. Beckford for a long time; she is the best. -Anonymous

I enjoy coming in all the way from Buford. Dr. Beckford and her staff make me feel comfortable. I appreciate her for allowing me to be one of her first Clear Correct patients! Progress and improvements are amazing!! Wouldn’t trade her for another dentist any day!! -Jessica

I used to hate going to the dentist, but Dr. Beckford makes it enjoyable and stress free. -Joy

I’ve hated going to the dentist for almost all of my life. That is until I met Dr. Beckford. Now not only do I come to Dr. Beckford, but so do my husband and three kids. I’ve also told my co-workers about Dr. Beckford and her staff. Even if she was out of network, she will always be my dentist. Her care and professionalism [are] undisputed. -Lavonda